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IdeaToCash 10 Level Commission plan explanation

Our flexible commission payout plan make it possible for everyone to Make Money Online in Nigeria the easy way using IdeaToCash Web Platform, this is the best Nigeria Home Based Business and the best way to make money online in Nigeria. You are required to make atleast 5 sales, 5 people need to buy IdeaToCash Digital HandBook through you by using your your username as their sponsor id on the registration page. The best way to learn about IdeaToCash commission payout plan is to examine our graphical illustration below. Go ahead, check it out, read it patiently and familiarize yourself with our business structure.We have simplify the sale of our product by creating a Spill over effect system to help your upliner fill up their downlin with active referral through the power of Team work read more about his by clicking here. We also covered a detail explanation on program detail which you can read when you login. We believe in the concept of making it big using the power of Technology, you should by now know that you do not need big money to make millions neither do you need your own effort to be wealthy. Member of IdeaToCash Platform makes 90% total sale profit commission spread across your network  from the sale of one IdeaToCash digital Handbook while IdeaToCash Company retain 10%  from  each sales of the IdeatoCash Digital Product for staff management and smooth running of the platform this make the platform to last for as long as internet exist in Nigeria. You can make more sale of IdeaTocash Digital Handbook and you be making 30% profit for each sales of IdeatoCash Digital Handbook[Membership Package]. We all need one another to become rich and wealthy because this world consist of two things; Product & People.

At IdeaToCash Web Platform, we have developed an Automated System that help anyone in Nigeria to turn messily 1000 onetime Digital product Purchase into ₦38,672,250 or higher in less than 1-12 Month as shown below. we have higher package but we use Basic Membership Account as illustration below, higher package make you even more money.

Level 1 (You complete this level by making atleast 5 Sales) You Earn ₦1000.00 plus Extra ₦500 worth of Residual income Bonus. Total of ₦1,500

Level 2 (Your downlines in level 1 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦2,500.00

Level 3 (Your downlines in level 2 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales) You Earn ₦12,500.00

Level 4 (Your downlines in level 3 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦62,500.00

Level 5 (Your downlines in level 4 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦312,500.00

Level 6 (Your downlines in level 5 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦781,250.00

Level 7 (Your downlines in level 6 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦3,906,250.00

Level 8 (Your downlines in level 7 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each ) You Earn ₦19,531,250.00

Level 9 (Your downlines in level 8 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦58,593,750.00

Level 10 (Your downlines in level 9 complete this level for you when they make 5 sales each) You Earn ₦195,312,500.00

A more Comprehensive table showing the above pay plan

Level/Rank No. of SalesPercentage Total Earning
Level 0. You Signup---
Level 1 You Make 5 Direct Sales 530%₦1,500
Level 2: 5 x 5 = 2510%₦2,500
Level 3:25 x 5 = 12510%₦12,500
Level 4:125 x 5 = 62510%₦62,500
Level 5:625 x 5 = 312510%₦312,500
Level 6:3125 x 5 = 156255%₦781,250
Level 7:15625 x 55%₦3,906,250
Level 815625x 5 x 55%₦19,531,250
Level 9:15625 x 5 x 5 x 53%₦58,593,750
Level 10:15625 x 5 x 5 x 5x52%₦195,312,500

NOTE: The payout plan above is what our company will pay you when you make  atleast 5 active sales. IdeaToCash system is completely automated. You only need atleast 5 sales of IdeaToCash Digital HandBook to make all the above money.


Apart from our regular payout we pay to you as our business promoter, we shall also pay you Below Incentives and Leadership Bonus as a way to reward your effort in promoting and making sales in our platform.

    1. DIRECT SALE STAGE  BONUS[DSSB]: This a Bonus pay to you for making a direct sales on your account. Below shows the direct stage bonus that will be paid to you when you complete any sales.
      No. of Direct Sales Payout ValueCredited Type

      IdeatoCash have implemented Direct Referral Renewal Earnings Fee [DRREF] which pay you 50% Monthly Earnings from all your Direct Referral Members who renew their account monthly. What it means is that, We shall calculate and pay you 50%[N500] Renewal Downline upgrade earning to your Bank Account every month for any of your monthly Direct donwline referrals that renew their account in that month. What it means is that if you have let say 20 Active Monthly direct referrals [i.e Basic Account Owner] who renew their account every month, your earnings every month will be N500x20=N10,000 and if you have 30 active Direct Monthly Referral that renew their account each month, you will be earning 30xN500=N15,000 and 50 will pay you 50xN500=N25,000, while 100 people earns you N100,000 every month and so on. All your DRREF earning are paid every last Friday of the month. If you have an active monthly downline under your Network.

    3. UPGRADE EARNINGS BONUS COMMISSION: We shall also pay you 50% upgrade earning commission when your direct referral upgrade his or her account to another package. Let say your direct referral who register as a Basic Member decide to upgrade to Silver account, we shall pay you 50% upgrade fee which is N1500, if you have a  downline who wish to upgrade to Executive an upgrade fee commission of N5000 shall be paid to you.


Account TypeValidity/Renewal/Upgrade Earning Telecom Access ITCDHB/Sale Com.
Basic [N1000]1 Month/50%DRREFNo[Require 2Sales]Yes/N300
Bronze[N2000]12 Month/50%UENo[Require 2Sales]Yes/N600
Silver[N3000]18 Month/50%UENo[Require 2Sales]Yes/N900
Gold [N4000]Lifetime/50%UEYes Yes/N1200
Executive [N10000] Lifetime/50%UEYesYes/N3000


You will earn 30% per active sale you make in the platform. Break down, If you refer a user who buy Basic Membership account with N1000, you will earn 20%[N200] Direct Referral Commission, 10%[N100] Residual income Bonus Commission, Total of N300. If you refer a user who buy Bronze Membership account with N2000, you will earn 20%[N400] Direct Referral Commission, 10%[N200] Residual income Bonus Commission, Total of N600. If you refer a user who buy Silver Membership account with N3000, you will earn 20%[N600] Direct Referral Commission, 10%[N300] Residual income Bonus Commission, Total of N900. If you refer a user who buy Gold Membership account with N4000, you will earn 20%[N800] Direct Referral Commission, 10%[N400] Residual income Bonus Commission, Total of N1200.  If you refer a user who buy Ultimate Membership account with N5000, you will earn 20%[N1000] Direct Referral Commission, 10%[N500] Residual income Bonus, total of N1500. If you refer a user who buy Executive Membership account with N10000, you will earn 20%[N2000] Direct Referral Commission, 10%[N1000] Residual income Bonus Commission, Total of N3000.

Your money starts courting from first person you sale our product to.


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